Grey Hair Is Here To Stay

You may remember articles in the Daily Mirror and The Daily Telegraph recently telling us that grey hair was to be a thing of the past and scientists were finding a way to stop hairs going grey, however, on closer examination it seems this may not be the case.

We spoke to many of our care at home contacts about these articles and as you might expect several had seen these articles and were intrigued about the possibilities but many felt it was probably too late for them. Some of our home care enquirers thought that if their grey hairs suddenly disappeared then it might look like they were wearing a wig!

However it now seems they have nothing to worry about just yet as there is minimal truth in the story of scientists getting rid of grey hairs. Research was completed on vitiligo, which is a common skin condition that causes loss of colour to the skin and can result in white patches on the skin or hair.

Tests were done on ten people with this skin condition and they found that skin was re-pigmented (the colour returned) in most cases, and in a few cases colour returned to eyelashes too. This could show a way forward for grey hair to be similarly affected with colour returning, but at this stage it is little more than a fanciful idea picked up by the media and a lot more research needs to be done before there is any serious prospect of medication to return the colour of our grey hairs.

Meantime if you are keen to hide your greys, just grab a bottle of hair dye – you’ll be waiting a while for any medication to be available!


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