Signs That Your Loved Ones Need Home Care

signs that care at home is neededA lot of elderly people need care but people can be too proud to even raise the subject. No one likes to think their independence is being taken away from them even when they are unable to do quite basic things by themselves but sadly the need for care is something that does need to happen more and more in many people’s later life as the trend continues for people generally to be living longer.

There are several signs indicating that the time may be approaching for considering care at home.

One of the main signs that you will notice is mobility and not just difficulty walking but also trouble with balance which can be a significant contributor to falls.  Without a proper risk assessment and appropriate care support this can lead to more serious trouble in the event of a fall. In some cases the fall might not be detected and a person can lie unattended for days.

A further indicator is personal care and grooming. If you start to notice that that your loved ones are not as well groomed as they used to be and their hygiene is deteriorating it ispersonal care a sign for concern that they may need someone to support them and provide extra assistance. In some cases it may be memory related or possibly pain may be inhibiting the performance of simple personal care tasks.

If you feel that the health or personal care of your loved one is deteriorating and is reaching the stage where they are unable to do those essential things on their own to maintain wellbeing and dignity then maybe it is time to consider if homecare is a convenient solution that will help make life more comfortable and safe.


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