The Idea of Care at Home

care at homeBecoming old is just a phase of life, not a stop to life. Growing old eventually happens to everyone and of course to some it has already happened.

Seeing our parents age and perhaps now labour to do the tasks that they used to do easily when younger can be frustrating and saddening to see on a daily basis. This is an indication that some sort of care at home may soon be needed for them.

The question arises as to how to bring the idea of care at home to light with ageing parents. This is a very delicate issue as any unplanned or assertive enquiry could hurt their feelings and may bring on depression for them. It is therefore necessary to plan carefully what will be said and pick a convenient time to discuss the idea. Throughout the discussion it should be kept in mind that care at home is to assist them in their daily chores and not to make them feel as a burden.

Suggestions for care at home should be offered tactfully and with proper understanding of the situation. Remember, as important as this issue is for you, it is much more sensitive for your parents. To make the most of the discussion we suggest it is best to turn off any distractions such as T.V or radio and first try to listen to their point of view before you presenting your suggestions as the solution.

Listening is the most important part of this whole scenario; make sure you do not fail at it. Outline your daily commitments and explain your concerns about not wanting them to feel or be neglected in your busy life. Explaincareathome to them the convenience of care at home and how it can provide companionship and social opportunities helping to ensure they do not become isolated and enabling them to make the most of the comforts of their home.

If there is complete disagreement with the idea leave it for a while giving time for them to think it over. You might also consider seeking professional help to explain the benefits and how this could strengthen your bond with them. Return to the subject later however so that it is not just left to lie. You might consider asking a care at home provider to join the discussion and describe how they have helped others by providing support without changing their lifestyle.


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