Considering support for Senior Citizens

2Becoming elderly is something many people are concerned about and especially the thought of not being able to take care of ourselves, which may become increasingly difficult as we get older. However in many cases care at home can provide the answer and can be offered to keep a watchful eye or engage with more substantial levels of care to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Depression can affect all ages and older people can be particularly prone if they have perhaps recently lost a partner, or are becoming less mobile and socially active.

There are further reasons which may cause senior citizens to become depressed. Retirement should be a time to broaden our horizons and do many of the things we may have previously dreamed about if only we had the time. However it can paradoxically become one of the common reasons which may lead senior people to start feeling depressed, irritated or annoyed. Realising that one’s contribution is no longer required can bring feelings of rejection. After spending a long time in the regular routines of work, serving an employer and in the company of work colleagues, to suddenly leave and enter retirement can feel like a big setback in life. This is why many are encouraged to plan ahead and think about their retirement and what they will do; perhaps developing new hobbies and interests or making firm plans to devote more time to existing interests or resurrecting others which have perhaps lain dormant through lack of time.

Death of one’s spouse or partner can be very saddening for some older people too. We all know it is a fact of life but this does not necessarily make it any easier to bear when it happens. This event can also make the remaining partner feel more aware that their own time is coming near. When the better half in a relationship passes away, the other person feels a part of him/her has also gone forever. This is another sudden change in life which can lead to depression and demotivation in the activities of daily life.

Many of these negative aspects of later life can be alleviated by the stimulating company, support and encouragement of a professional carer. Of course friends and family will want to do their bit but this is not always possible and if further support is needed, and it often is, then Care at Home Today can help you search out the right care provider.


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